Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Investigating Our Names

We had to figure out...
How many letters in your first name?
How many vowels?
How many syllables?
How many letters in your last name?
How many letters in your first and last name?

Putting our Name Towers in order from fewest letters to most.

The children worked with a partner to illustrate the math word we talked about today. The children loved sharing their math stories at large group time.
Last week we talked about the work DOUBLE-CHECKING at math time. This is something that children are encouraged to do when working on a math investigation.

On the Smart Board we revisited the game Button Match Up and Attribute sort

We are making a Voice Thread focusing on counting pumpkin patterns. At large group time we have been practicing counting by 5's and 10's. We made a turkey numberline counting by 5's.


Tammy said...

I found you through pinterest. I've enjoyed seeing what you do with names. Thanks for sharing.

❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Play-based Classroom said...

I am a preschool teacher (ages 3-4). I love the math word of the week, and having the children document what it means. You have some creative ideas!

Unknown said...

I am grateful for the wonderful ideas you share. Thank you so much for being so generous.

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