Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shared Reading

We learned a new poem I Think Mice Are Rather Nice we made mice to go on the chart!

Problem and Solutions Rosemary Wells

Tuesday Stay day Retelling Problem and Solutions

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rosemary Wells Problem & Solutions

We made illustrations of our favorite characters from Rosemary Wells Books. If you click on the Voice Thread below we focused on problems and solutions in her stories.
Monday Stay Day Voice Thread.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rosemary Wells Problems and Solutions

We have had lots of discussion on how we notice her main characters are animals but act like people. Her stories often have problems and solutions. We have been making many text to self connections and text to text connections. This week we focused on reading the books connected to Timothy and the students from Mrs. Jenkins class. We love reading books starring Yoko. Below are some of our problem and solutions from the story Yoko's World of Kindness, this is a chapter books that focuses each chapter on a different problems in the classroom.

Water Investigations

The class loved the water investigations we participated in this week!!! We made a Circle Map of some of the things we are learning about water.

Investigation 1 Where is water? The purpose of this investigation is to help the children learn that water is present in many familiar objects. We wrapped different objects around a paper towel and squeezed.

What will happen to the wet spots on the paper towel??? Investigation 2 In this investigation the children explored the movement, shape and size of water drops. We dropped water on four different types of paper.
How did the drops of water change on different kinds of paper???

I Like Hearts!!!

During Interactive Writing time we wrote the poem I Like Hearts. We learned some of Heidi Songs  to help us remember how to spell color words. During Word Study time we worked on coloring words stamping books!

At Daily 5 Time many children read this song chart!

We practiced reading and writing these words.


This week the Spanish lesson focused on counting numbers in Spanish! We continue to practice singing the greeting song and we shared our favorite color in Spanish with the special puppet.

We learned a fun counting song.

We played number bingo in Spanish!!!

E...is for Evan

Evan is the Special Person this Week!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Queen of Ten

Monday was the 90th day of school...we had a visit from the Queen of Ten!!!!!! She gave us a SUPER CHALLENGING  word problem to figure out!!! It had to do with making kid friendly sushi. The Queen of Ten told us that she will NOT be visiting on the 100 day of school, instead the King will be coming!!! We immediately starting making predictions.  Who could be the King of 100???
We are eagerly counting down the days until the 100 day celebration.

Making Sushi

A great big special thanks to Evan's mom for coming in and making kid friendly Sushi in honor of Yoko one of our favorite characters from Rosemary Wells books! We had a blast!!!!!! We hope to make a How To Story on Voice Thread.