Saturday, December 22, 2012

This Week In KC

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Can you believe the Queen of Ten came for a visit! We have been in school for 70 Days!She had us do different patterns with our bodies. We did 70 movements altogether!
Our Favorite December Book
We have been reading many of the books from the Henry and Mudge series. KC is
falling in love with Henry and his BIG dog Mudge.  

Wow Words This Week
  Writing Workshop
We are learning about maps in KC. Our class project this week focused on making a map to help someone get from KC to the front playground. Each child in the class worked on their own map. You will see below what we learned about the features of a great map and directions. 
 We voted on our map route. Students were encouraged to take notes while we walked the map route.
 Taking notes while walking the route. We noticed lots of EXIT signs in the building.

 The next step, was to make a map.

We will return to map making when we get back from vacation! for Alexandra!
Alexandra was the special person this week! Click on the Voice Thread below to hear her book!  


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It Snowed A Heap

It Snowed A Heap! We made illustrations to go with the song It Snowed A Heap. Our pages are on display in the hallway. If you click on the Voice Thread below you can hear students singing this song!

Friday, December 14, 2012

This Week in Kc

We read the Sultan Snake and made pattern snakes!

Making Different kinds of Patterns

 What comes next in the pattern?

 Growing Patterns

We have been reading lots of pattern stories and writing pattern stories!

Some of our pattern stories

 Below are some examples of pattern stories students are making in kindergarten. I just shared the first page or two.
 Happy News 
The bunny found a friend. 

Sad News
The Bunny lost his friend.

This train goes curvy. This train goes strait.
This train is big. This train is small.
My big brother Christian likes little Lego's. My little brother Mark likes big Lego's.
Nonfiction  Topics Have Been Very POPULAR

Somewhere today a Water Snake it swimming.

Somewhere today a snake is laying 100 eggs

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

This Week In KC

Can you guess what was in the Bubble Bag?

 This week during Shared Reading we learned a new book called Sing a Song. We worked on words ending in ING...king, swing, ring, bling, wing
 Kids Reading AT Daily 5 Time

At choice this week these friend decided to make a bird from a book in their book bucket called MAKING A BIRD! for Helen

 We learned a new game at Daily 5 Time focusing on making words using word families.
 We worked on the letter Cc song and talked about the different sounds the letter "C" can make.
On Friday it was the 60th day of school! The Queen of Ten came in for a visit! She had us do 60 exercises!!! At math time this week we continued to work on making and breaking patterns.
During read aloud time we have been reading different kinds of  Pattern Books! We are recording our thinking on the chart below. We will be writing Pattern books soon at writing workshop time!
On our chart we are recording  
What we notice the writer doing and what effect it has on us as the reader?
At Writing this week we have been spending a lot of time rereading our books and asking ourselves...
Does my book make sense?
Does it sound right?
Does it look right?
Do my pictures and words match?