Saturday, March 31, 2012

Math Workshop

The following are some of the math station this week. We have also been going on shape walks looking for 3 D shapes. We have been looking for shapes that are spheres, cubes, cylinders and cones. Your child will be bringing home a sheet on Monday to record 3 D Shape in your home. Next week we will be starting a new math unit called Addition, Subtraction, and the Number system.
Matching 3 D Shapes

Making 3 D Shapes with Play Doh

Creating a shape and having your partner copy you shape

Matching 3 D shapes to the footprints

Finishing our pattern block books

PE this Week

The kids went outside with Ms.Fyvie to practice for the Mini-Marathon on Thursday. Thanks for all the parent helpers for this event! We will participate on Thursday from 9-9:30.

Writing Workshop Stories Part One

Everyone wants to share their writing workshop stories! This week everyone could pick one story they wanted to share from their folder. We practice reading our stories to friends. We hope you enjoy. On some of the stories you may not see all the word because we have been using Spider Legs. Ask you child what a Spider Leg is?? This is half of the class. On Monday I will post the second half.

I loved the Leprechaun stories and asked for those stories to be shared!!
We plan to send them to 1M I know Mrs. Mead's Class will LOVE them!!!!

 Ryan, Nikolai, Robert, Will, and Ashley Brennan,Steven,Kevin,Brooke,Charlotte,Sam, Sean,Diego

Pebble or Rock???

We have been talking a lot about words that are pebbles and words that are ROCKS. A word that is a pebble does not tip the scale like a rock. Rocks are strong and have muscle!!!! You can see our list below of some words that are pebbles and Rocks. We found rocks outside our classroom and decorated the rocks to make a Rock Garden of Words. We are always on the look out during read aloud time for Rock Words. At writing time, we are trying to put Rock words in our stories. Last week the word joyful was very popular. This week I am hearing many kids use the word jubilant!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Beginning, Middle, End

We finished our Nancy Carlson posters illustrating and telling the beginning, middle and end. Click on the arrow to hear students retelling their pages.

Play Practice

We have started practicing for our classroom play. We started learning the songs and movements. for Sophie

Sophie and the Special Person this Week!

Spanish the Week

We continued to learn the name of body parts in Spanish this week. We learned a bingo game  too!

The Queen of Ten!!!

The Queen of Ten came in for a visit in the middle of our Spanish lesson!!!! She had us do some exercises counting by 10's!! Could it really be the 130th day of kindergarten???

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beginning Middle and End

Working with a partner we are working on retelling a book written and illustrated by Nancy Carlson

Nancy Carlson Beginning Middle and End


Shapey was a math problem we had to solve! 
He is symmetrical. 
You needed to use 5 rectangles 
4 squares 
4 circles 
1 pentagon
 2 triangles 
2 rhombuses 
We have a few more Shapey's that will be added at the end of the day! 
This was a tricky math problem to solve!