Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ladybugs, Shapes and March

We have been learning interesting facts about ladybugs! 
Tell someone in your family two interesting facts about Ladybugs!
 Everyone worked on a ladybug research book!
 Ladybugs spit poison.
 Making a Table of Contents
 Ladybugs get together in the winter.
 Parts of a ladybug.
 When ladybugs are young they are larva.
 Ladybugs taste bad.
 Ladybugs can bite it can be painful.
Math Time
We have been learning about 2D shapes, solving jelly bean problems and playing addition games! 

 Many kids used the Rekenrek to solve some of our jelly bean problems! 
We love playing the game Hide and Peek
Ask your child to play this game at home.
Shape Thinking Maps

 comparing shapes

 Parts to a Hexagon
 After playing Toss the chips we recorded the different combinations we came up with! 
Shared Reading  
 We have been learning March poems. During this lesson we had to figure out the covered word.
Here are some of our suggestions. 
Blow the winter weather away.
Blow the winter storm away.
Blow the winter day away.
Blow the winter snow away.
All of these words make sense!
We peeked at the first letter and realized it was a C.
Blow the winter clouds away.
Blow the winter cold away.



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