Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mystery Monday and Talking Tuesday

The morning message had many missing letters!!! It was Mystery Monday and we had to Guess the Main Idea of the circle map!
Last week and this week, we will continue to work on Guess the Main Idea! 
These lessons help us when writing stories at writing workshop.
What could be in the Bubble Bag??

Can you guess the Main Idea??
 Friday stay day kids worked together to come up with pictures to go with a main idea.

 We read this book and learned the game I Am Thinking of A Word on The Word Wall!
Math Games This Week
Talking Tuesday
Do you have a pet?
We read the book What Do Scientist Do? by Daniel Jacobs
We made a circle map
We did our first Science observation
 What changes will happen with the tree?

Ask your child, What are the 3 B's in KC?


MsColeTeaches said...

Awesome idea for main idea! I'm going to use the same concept of the mystery circle with my fourth graders next week. Thanks!

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