Saturday, May 18, 2013

This Week in KC

The kids LOVED sharing their stories on Friday morning. 

 Class News
Next week we will begin the Alphabet Countdown.
I will send home information on Monday.
The kids are very excited!!! 

We  made diagrams of Snails in our science notebooks.

Kevin Henkes
We have been reading Kevin Henkes Stories. We love his books. Luke is writing a book about Kevin Henkes at writing workshop time. Here is his first page of his book.
When you are listening to a Kevin Henkes book I want to read more.
Characters from his Books
Bubble Thinking Map
 Habitat Posters 
Students worked in groups making Habitat Thinking maps. Below you can see students sharing their work with the class.

 The Rainforest
Polar Region 
Wet Lands

Writing Workshop
We are learning about persuasive writing.  
These are our pre-assessment letters to this unit of study.
  Write a letter to Mr. Ieong asking for a class pet.
Do you think we have convinced him? 


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