Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learning About Shapes

We have started our next math investigation focusing on 2 D shapes. During math time we have been describing and making some 2 D Shapes.
Working with a partner, we recorded different shapes from our classroom. We noticed lots of circles and rectangles. 
We read some shapes book! 

These two Voice Threads connect to our shape investigation. 
Hayley's thread ask you to figure out how many squares.
We went on a shape hunt at Bates school!! The second thread shows some of the pictures we took. 
 You can comment on our threads from home. If you would like to log in to our class account click here. You can find the parent help sheet here.



Carrie H said...

I just nominated this blog for the Liebster award. I am not sure how many contributors are on here, but I like your blog, and have started following you! Here's the link back to my blog.

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