Saturday, February 11, 2012

Writing Workshop this Week

At writing this week we talked about how writers use words to help readers visualize what is happening in the text.  We started the lessons by pretending to be outside on the playground making images in our minds. I encouraged students to use their 5 senses. We shared with a partner and the large group too.

 I Knew It Was Winter
The students came to the rug and we brainstormed one noun to go after the number word 
On different days we went back and took a picture in our mind of what the snowballs were doing? We also added a "when", "where" or "how". Thursday stay day kids illustrated the final piece!
We made a Valentine one too!

On this page we originally had floating in the store window and we talked about how putting a name of the store really gives the reader a better picture in their minds. 

We took the same poem and created a Valentine Poem. We followed the same steps as before except this time, we are inserting adjectives and other descriptors in different parts. You can see the times we went back and added with different colors.
On Monday, I saw one Valentine Fairy with sparkling wings floating in the air shooting Cupid arrows. 


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