Saturday, May 5, 2012

Math Time This Week

The Queen of Ten came for a visit this week!! She forgot her wand so she had students make her one. Her wand has two colors and equals ten. Students helped make cube wands using red and green cubes. We had 9 greens and 1 red. Ask your child some of the other combinations we came up with. Next week we will be having an Alphabet Countdown!! Starting on Tuesday we will celebrating the last 26 days of school. A sheet will be sent  home on Monday.  Tuesday we will start with the letter A so in class we plan to make an Awesome Art project!
Students were making cubes sticks like the Queen of Ten at choice time.
Measuring our bodies

Working with a partner we worked on Inventory Bags. Students had to figure how many items in their bag and record how many.

counting together


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