Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things happening in KC

This Friday we have portfolio morning at 8:30. We will be watching a slideshow of the school year too. Parents are welcome to stay for the slideshow. Next week we plan on making field day T shirts, please send in a white T shirt.

We have caterpillars in KC. We keep checking to notice any changes. Thanks to Emily for sharing these with KC!  
 We have been finishing our study of Mexico. We made little books to record some of the things we learned about Mexico.

At writing workshop we have been learning about poetry. Here are some published poems. We look forward to sharing our published poems on Friday.

Special Books

We got these special books to write poems in. Today we worked on list poems. These books will be traveling back and forth from home to school. We started writing poems but decided we will use them for other school related stuff too. Hopefully, this summer students can use this book  to read, write and do math! The kids think these books are AWESOME!

Looking At Our Portfolio's
We are getting ready for Friday!! This week we have been looking at our portfolios.


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