Saturday, September 8, 2012

The First Week of Kindergarten!

At the end of each day we record what we have learned  in our  kindergarten class Learning Journal! You can see on the first day we were really busy! We read the story The Gingerbread Man Loose In School. We drew pictures of the first day of school. We learned about a Circle Map. 
Mrs. Clancy brainstormed different things about herself on a Circle Map. She put her name in the middle and drew pictures in the circle. We made individual Circle Maps about ourselves! What is something you put on your Circle Map?

On the second day of school our class Gingerbread Man went missing!! Tell someone in your family the different places we went looking for him.  At meeting time, Mrs. Clancy shared a story about her dog Sophie. We worked with a partner telling stories.

Mrs. Clancy worked on this story for the first few days of school. We also learned the different ways to read a book in kindergarten. This anchor chart below helps us remember. 


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