Friday, September 14, 2012

This Week in KC


On Monday we had Mystery Monday we had to figure out what was in the Bubble Bag!
Lots of kids in KC thought it had to be a rock! See if you can guess, what do you think is in the bubble bag? If you need to, let your child give you another clue. The clues are words that describe what is inside the bag.

We also learned about writing workshop. Everyone started a writing story. Mrs. Clancy shared a story
about her cat pumpkin(from childhood). We learned about the different ways to write in kindergarten.
The chart below helps us remember the different ways to write in kindergarten.
What is your story about?
The morning message on Tuesday had a survey question 
Would you rather fly or become invisible? 
We read the book Which Would You Rather Be? We record our answers in our class Learning Journal before dismissal.  Do you remember the results?Did more kids want to fly or be invisible?
Mrs. Clancy writes a morning message each day. Tell someone in your family what Mrs. Clancy writes about?
We went apple picking on Wednesday. We made a Voice Thread about our favorite part of the trip.We worked on these pictures on Thursday and recorded our voices on Friday. Press play on the arrow.


The problem of the day focused on apple picking. We solved this problem using a HUGE tens frame. The picture below shows how we solved this problem.

The problem of the day
Gabe picked two apples, Abby picked three apples and Helen picked five. How many apples?
We are learning different ways to solve problems. This was fun!
We met our 3rd grade Buddies! We made a Double Bubble that you will see at Back to School Night.
At the end of the day we had Candle Time. Each child has a turn to share their favorite part of the week. On Tuesday morning we will have candle time and share one thing about our weekend. Mrs. Clancy wanted to share our responses but forget to take a picture! We will share next week!


Ziggyfriends said...

Cool week! I love the voicethread. I haven't tried this yet. I'm adding a giant tens frame to my ideas of what to do. Seems like I had a people graph around my class somewhere. You are inspiring me.

Donna W.

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