Saturday, December 1, 2012

This week in KC

KC had many students vote for this book!
Ask your child what book they voted for this month?

 Learning About Letters

During Shared Reading  time we have been looking for uppercase letters. We noticed that names are always capitalized and the first word in a sentence. We talked about what a sentence is. We made a Tree Map to show the two parts to a sentence.
At Interactive Writing time we are working on using upper and lowercase letters in the correct spot. This can be tricky in kindergarten!
Investigation Letters 
Daily 5 Station~Sorting Letters
 We are looking at how letters are similar and different.
We are learning that if you can make o it is similar to a. c. d, g, q
Making Letters in Sand Trays

These are learned word family chunks!  
 Reading with Friends!
At large group time we are playing a game called Sound Boxes.  In this game we are listening to how many sounds in a word. The students who are up say each sound while jumping in their box.  Lastly, we put the sounds together and say the word!
Science Observation

Some Writing In KC this Week
At Daily 5 Time students could write a holiday wish list for Hanukkah or Christmas. This is Patrick's list.
Gabe made this picture at choice time. I love how he wrote Patriots! 
At choice time Aila made this card for a friend who was feeling sick.


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