Friday, December 14, 2012

This Week in Kc

We read the Sultan Snake and made pattern snakes!

Making Different kinds of Patterns

 What comes next in the pattern?

 Growing Patterns

We have been reading lots of pattern stories and writing pattern stories!

Some of our pattern stories

 Below are some examples of pattern stories students are making in kindergarten. I just shared the first page or two.
 Happy News 
The bunny found a friend. 

Sad News
The Bunny lost his friend.

This train goes curvy. This train goes strait.
This train is big. This train is small.
My big brother Christian likes little Lego's. My little brother Mark likes big Lego's.
Nonfiction  Topics Have Been Very POPULAR

Somewhere today a Water Snake it swimming.

Somewhere today a snake is laying 100 eggs

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