Saturday, December 8, 2012

This Week In KC

Can you guess what was in the Bubble Bag?

 This week during Shared Reading we learned a new book called Sing a Song. We worked on words ending in ING...king, swing, ring, bling, wing
 Kids Reading AT Daily 5 Time

At choice this week these friend decided to make a bird from a book in their book bucket called MAKING A BIRD! for Helen

 We learned a new game at Daily 5 Time focusing on making words using word families.
 We worked on the letter Cc song and talked about the different sounds the letter "C" can make.
On Friday it was the 60th day of school! The Queen of Ten came in for a visit! She had us do 60 exercises!!! At math time this week we continued to work on making and breaking patterns.
During read aloud time we have been reading different kinds of  Pattern Books! We are recording our thinking on the chart below. We will be writing Pattern books soon at writing workshop time!
On our chart we are recording  
What we notice the writer doing and what effect it has on us as the reader?
At Writing this week we have been spending a lot of time rereading our books and asking ourselves...
Does my book make sense?
Does it sound right?
Does it look right?
Do my pictures and words match?


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