Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Week in KC

 Talking Tuesday
Will the pumpkin sink or float?
We love reading NO David!

We have been meeting with Mrs. Clancy for reading groups.

 At Daily 5 Time we are reading poem and song charts!
When we read charts we use a pointer to point to each word as we say it.
In our class learning journal we wrote two  sentences We had Drop In. We had Daily 5. During this writing lesson we focused on spaces between words and putting a period at the end of a sentence.  We learned two new heart words  LIKE and GO. We also learned a song about a bat! Ask your child if they can give you a word that rhymes with bat??

The class was very surprised about the pumpkin floating!!
 Fire Safety Week

What did we learn about fire safety today? Two kids from KC were picked to volunteer today at the presentation.
Wow Words for Wednesday
 At writing time today we worked with a partner writing words using Bubble Gum spelling. We did a great job STRETCHING out words. You can see some of our examples below. We are also working on a class poem called I Knew It Was Fall. We hope to share this with you by the end of the week!
 Open Circle
Today we had Open Circle with Dr. P we talked about making new friends at Bates school and ways to fill people's buckets!


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