Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Week in KC

Mystery Monday
 The Bubble Bag
Can you guess what it could be?

Last week we wrote a class poem called I Knew It Was Fall. This week we illustrated the pages.

We have been learning the song I AM A BAT! 

 I'm a bat (click click).
I'm a bat (click click).
I'm a B-A-T.
I'm a bat.
But don't be afraid of me!
If I see a mosquito, a moth or a gnat
I'll swoop down and eat it in one second flat!
Cause I'm a bat(click click).
Cause I'm a B-A-T. I'm a bat!   

We learned about the AT chunk
We learned if you can spell BAT you can spell CAT, MAT, PAT, HAT, RAT, etc.

 We are collecting interesting words for our Alphabox! We plan on writing a Halloween Poem!
Some Halloween Books We Have Been Reading

We are making predictions about what will happen to Annie in this book!
We are doing the play to Big Pumpkin!


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