Friday, October 19, 2012

This Week In KC

Mystery Monday
We had lots of great guesses for the Bubble Bag on Monday. 
Can you guess what it could be?
The Bubble Bag
Who figured out the mystery object this week? 
We had lots of great guesses...
Learning About Details
We learned a game called Who Could This BE ! We had to draw a person and include as much detail at possible. We learned this game on Mystery Monday but we have been playing it all week! At writing workshop time, we talk a lot about putting details in our pictures. This lesson helps us learn about that! Ask your child who they had to draw for this game? What kind of details did they put in their pictures?

Shared Reading
What Could the Missing Word be?
 Mrs. Clancy covered a word in the big book we were reading.
 We tried to figure out the missing word. His tail was...wagging, golden, tan, light. We keep rereading our guesses making sure they make sense. We have been learning at Daily 5 time that reading always needs to make sense!!
We took a peak at the first word L and realized it could not be some of our guesses! His tail was long!
Nonfiction News
We have been learning about nonfiction books. We are learning that nonfiction books have labels, photographs and tell facts. 
We have been labeling nonfiction photographs

We loved reading Room on the Broom
WOW word Wednesday!
Who in the story was as keen as can be?
What color hair did the witch have?
Who fluttered onto the broom?
Special Person 
We made a bubble map for the Special Person this week! Tell someone at home something you learned about Patrick this week! We worked together to make Patrick in the center making sure our picture had lots of details.

We made a special book for Patrick.
Guest Reader 
We loved having Mr. Ieong be a Guest Reader this week! Tell someone at home what stories Mr. Ieong read!
The Bumpy Pumpkin 
This is one of Mrs. Clancy's favorite Halloween art projects! Our Bumpy Pumpkins came out great! They are on display in the hallway.
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