Monday, November 5, 2012

Queen of Ten

The journal was illustrated by Luke and Matthew. I love how they put two Circle Maps to show you that the Queen of Ten came to the class with her ten cube wand.

The Queen of Ten came to our class today! It was the 40th day of school. We did 40 exercises!!! 
Look at our Ten Frames!! We recorded 4 groups of ten in our Queen of Ten journals.

 Monday Morning Message
 What do you notice about the message today?
 Some HEART words are, like, to and go. We figured out the beginning of the message together. Did the message begin with Dear Class, Dear Friends or Dear Children?? We had to look at the beginning letter sounds. We have been talking about how the letter Y sometimes make the sound of E. We have been learning that every word has a vowel. We circled some vowels on the message today.

Bubble Bag
Can you guess what is in the Bubble Bag? This was very tricky!! We had some great guesses.


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