Saturday, November 17, 2012

This Week In KC

 At math time we have made cube sticks of our names. We have been comparing our names with classmates. In our math books we are recording names that are shorter, longer or the same.
 comparing names
On a different day we had to put four names in order from shortest to longest or longest to shortest. We recorded our results in our math books.
 Fall Alphabet Bridge Map
  We worked on words with the all chunk. One of the stay days recorded words with the all chunk.
We made pattern block turkey's 

 Writing Workshop Small Moments
At Writing time we are learning how to write Small Moment stories. We worked with Mrs. Clancy on writing a Small Moment story about Apple Picking.  Ask your child about their Small Moment Story! We are also working on  publishing a story from our writing folders. Some students have been working on the illustrations.


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