Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Week In KC Kindergarten for Lucy
Lucy is the Special Person this Week!!!

Yes It was snowing out this week!

 We are writing a class Nonfiction Book ALL ABOUT FALL
We are learning that Nonfiction books sometimes have BOLD headings at the top of the page.
Nonfiction books give facts and new information. Some nonfiction books have photographs and some
  have pictures. At Interactive Writing time we wrote facts about leaves and pumpkins. We focused on spelling, writing sentences that make sense and spacing between words.
We picked writing workshop goals this week
We are picking a favorite book to publish from our writing folders!

We are working on an fall alphabet Bridge Map
We read the story
We tried to think of words that  that began with the same beginning sounds like the Dr.Seuss ABC book! We are still working on this Thinking Map.

The message is missing vowels!!

We worked together figuring out the missing vowels. You can see that for some of the words like Let's and Busy were tricky. We  tried a few different vowels and asked ourselves what vowel looked right!
We looked around the room for objects that were shorter and longer then our cube measuring sticks.

 We worked on combinations of 5 leaves some of them where red and some yellow

 We record our thinking with a Brace Map


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